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David Bloch Gallery 2015//2016 My7House - Ladybird (Season 4-episode 05)

Milky Way over the Pic de Morgon

Uploadée il y a un peu plus 4 ans, le vendredi 12 août 2016. (2016/08/12 16:28) par Orel1

The timelapse have been done during the night of august 8-9 in the valley of Serre Ponçon lake (in the French Alps). The mountain that we can see is called "Pic de Morgon".

I've took 862 shots with my Panasonic GH4 + speedbooster + the Sigma 18-35mm at f/1.8 - 24 mm - ISO3200 - 10 sec during around 2h30.

Unfortunately, there were some firework in the valley that add some flash light to the video.

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