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New Horizons / TANC / David Bloch Gallery Inside the Motown Party tribute to Marvin Gaye w/ Dj Reveredn P - Saturday Jaunuary 9th 2016

Motown Party tribute to Larry Levan & The Paradise Garage w/ Dj Reverend P - Saturday February 6th 2016

Uploadée il y a bientôt 5 ans, le jeudi 18 février 2016. (2016/02/18 04:31) par motownparty

Motown Party is a regular party every first saturday of the month at Djoon Club, it's a tribute to the sound of Motown Records label and all others artists or label influenced around.

Recorded Saturday February 6th, 2016
Shot & Directed by Aurelien Vinckel.
Additional shot by Christien Esteves-Vallée
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