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Motown Party tribute to Marvin Gaye w/ Dj Reverend P - Saturday January 9th 2016 Point G (live) at Zig Zag

Nulu Movement @ Amsterdam Dance Event 2015

Uploadée il y a bientôt 5 ans, le lundi 23 novembre 2015. (2015/11/23 07:27) par Orel1

In celebration of a special year for NuLu and NuLu Electronic we have created the ?NuLu Movement? a series of compilations that showcase the various sounds of both NuLu & NuLu Electronic along with some amazing talent creating musical expressions from their heart and soul, you will find new names as well as pioneers in our scene. Anané Vega and the NuLu team have compiled new music as well as some of NuLu?s hits to share with you on this special double compilation for ADE 2015, where the first ?NuLu Movement? Party was a special nigh. Enjoy the video and our Music.

"NULU MOVEMENT" PARTY was at Rose's Cantina hosts by "Casa Musica" with
Anané Vega - Christian Mantini - Manoo - Rancido - Diephuis - DJ Angelo - Leonardo Chevy - Dave K - Arnaud D.

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